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by Mira Schor

Mira Schor is a New York-based painter and writer. She is the author of Wet: On Painting, Feminism and Art Culture, A Decade of Negative Thinking: Essays on Art Politics and Daily Life, and the blog A Year of Positive Thinking. She is represented by Lyles & King Gallery in New York City.

Mira Schor @mira_schor : He was impeachable at the Oath of Office so this headline has always existed but needed 3 years to develop @nytimes [posted on Instagram Thursday, December 19, 2019] 
I have a long time habit of reading @nytimes from back of first section to front after glancing at cover page for headlines, pictures and placement — since I don’t read Hebrew it would have to be either a deeply atavistic practice or just the order in which I take in general information, editorials, then details if I have time. Or maybe it makes news bearable. Today I came first to p19 headline which really echoes how Watergate unfolded in the press (watch All The President’s Men). I atavistically could practically hear the teletype machine clack in the background. I whipped back to the cover & at first couldn’t find the corresponding story. It’s there but with a blander, less pressing tone @the_newyork_times
Originally Published on @miraschor instagram on September 23, 2019
If in the aftertimes people huddling around a 🔥 discover this statement about why we turned back away from energy efficient lightbulbs they may wonder why didn’t we of this time lock this guy posing as “ president of the United States” in the looney bin #impeachtrump and #25thamendment#miraschordrawing
Originally Published on @miraschor instagram on September 13, 2019
@nytimes Headline Writing Sure Is Fraught But In My Book both “firebrand” and even “crusade” can sound inspiring. Self-hating? racist? xenophobic? white supremacist? Goebbels reincarnated? . All more accurate
Originally Published on @miraschor instagram on August 18, 2019

Mira Schor

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